B-Rad-Ism – Wandering in the Dentist’s Chair

Your mind can get to wandering in the dentist’s chair. . .

As Kris, hygienist extraordinaire, was telling me about her young children seeing movies and plays, it got me thinking about some of the movies that our kids watched when they were younger. One that came to mind was “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”. I didn’t realize it then, but that movie gave some good life lessons that are hard to find these days.

For example, the dwarves: Despite having all kinds of issues such as Narcolepsy (Sleepy), Anger issues (Grumpy), Social Anxiety (Bashful), Allergies (Sneezy) and pharmaceutical dependency (Dopey), they didn’t complain. They managed to get their little butts out of bed and go to work every day.

And don’t forget Snow White. She was tough too! She still cooked, cleaned and was nice to be around, despite starting every day with seven sawed-off roommates saying “Hi, Ho” as they left for work. That kind of stuff would get you sued for harassment today.

Moral of the story: It takes a big man to be a midget, and a good man should be thankful for a good woman.

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