B-Rad – I Want My Stamps Back

When I went off to college, my mom gave me a roll of stamps and a box of envelopes, and said “use them”.

So I did. I used them mostly to send letters to my girlfriend at the time. I could probably count the number of letters I sent to my mom on one hand.

Smart college kids can still do some pretty stupid things.

So for you kids going off to college…it’s an exciting time! You are embarking on the adventure you have been waiting for your whole life! But don’t forget that for your whole life, you have been HER whole life (and your dad’s, too). And these days, you don’t need stamps. Send them a text, or an email. Even a meme, or a funny picture. Just so they know you are ok, and thinking about them.

Oh, and the girlfriend? Dumped me like a hot rock by the end of the year.

I want my stamps back.

And my mom.

Choose wisely.

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