B-Rad On The Elderly

I hate it when I get in fights with the elderly. Especially elderly women. I was taught to be a gentleman, and to respect my elders. But my gosh…sometimes they get hung up on a topic and that’s all you hear about. They start out and you try to be sympathetic. You smile and nod your head in agreement. But then I made the mistake of saying “Oh, it’s not that bad, is it?”. Then she really let me have it. I bit my tongue for a while but I don’t like getting yelled at either, so finally I had to raise my voice and say “Well, there’s always the dry food! Do you want to go back to the dry food? Cuz I will!”. She just meowed softly and went back to her food bowl. Now she’s glaring at me from underneath the coffee table. Sometimes I can’t win with this cat.

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