B-Rad All About The Research

I went to the  Farm and Ranch Expo with my brother this morning. I had been looking forward to that for over a week. It was great to see all of the vendors, visit with friends old and new (something we love to do), and just experiencing the atmosphere took me back to my roots. But by the time I got home, I was beginning to feel that something wasn’t right. I got very tired, very quickly. I began to ache and felt very cold. I took Tylenol but it didn’t seem to help. I got some rest and once I woke up and could think a little clearer, I realized what the problem was. I’ve become allergic to people.

Curse whoever gave that to me.

Or maybe… thank you.

See, I need more sleep to test this theory. I’m all about the research.

Have a good day, everyone. Get away from me.

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