B-Rad On Kids

At the end of it all… I may not have always made money, I may not have always made supper, I may not have always made it there on time and I may not have always made sense, but I did have a part of making some pretty awesome kids.

B-Rad All About The Research

I went to theĀ  Farm and Ranch Expo with my brother this morning. I had been looking forward to that for over a week. It was great to see all of the vendors, visit with friends old and new (something we love to do), and just experiencing the atmosphere took me back to my roots. But by the time I got home, I was beginning to feel that something wasn’t right. I got very tired, very quickly. I began to ache and felt very cold. I took Tylenol but it didn’t seem to help. I got some rest and once I woke up and could think a little clearer, I realized what the problem was. I’ve become allergic to people.

Curse whoever gave that to me.

Or maybe… thank you.

See, I need more sleep to test this theory. I’m all about the research.

Have a good day, everyone. Get away from me.

B-Rad On The Elderly

I hate it when I get in fights with the elderly. Especially elderly women. I was taught to be a gentleman, and to respect my elders. But my gosh…sometimes they get hung up on a topic and that’s all you hear about. They start out and you try to be sympathetic. You smile and nod your head in agreement. But then I made the mistake of saying “Oh, it’s not that bad, is it?”. Then she really let me have it. I bit my tongue for a while but I don’t like getting yelled at either, so finally I had to raise my voice and say “Well, there’s always the dry food! Do you want to go back to the dry food? Cuz I will!”. She just meowed softly and went back to her food bowl. Now she’s glaring at me from underneath the coffee table. Sometimes I can’t win with this cat.